Sunday, January 25, 2009


So recently I've been going through a slight art slump. Everything I'd do was less than satisfactory for my tastes and it was really starting to hurt me a bit. Then I forgot what my first semester at my current college, The Fashion Institute of Technology, taught me. Experiment. I needed to go back to basics and just do.
I learned that by just doing whatever I wanted to a piece, was not only fun but teaches a lot. I think a lot in my pieces which is a good thing. Sometimes. I've come to a point where I think too much and my ability to portray my thought process is limited.
Here's something I did quickly just to loosen up a bit and to get over my fear of doing something cliche.


miss liss said...

ha! i signed up so I could comment on your stuff. Cause I love you.

I like this piece. It is a little cliche, but it has alot of you in it, so I approve =)

you and your angles.

Scott Bakal said...

Yes! Experiment! Learn from it...