Thursday, November 26, 2009

20 minute exercise

I've been hanging around a professor of mine and trying to watch how he draws women. He likes to draw nasty women (his words, not mine) So I'm trying to combine my experiments from his class and how he draws...
Just playing with shapes and shading. Also colors. I think I'm getting better at drawing woman finally. yayy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

School Projects

There's been two projects that have really been taking up a lot of time and a lot of effort; my portrait painting of one of my great friends Kyle and my illustrator piece which you've all seen the progress on up to this point.
The painting of Kyle that I'm doing is an acrylic black and white. First, we had to find a painting to reference, then take exact photo reference copying that original painting, sketch it, full render it on tracing paper, survive harsh critiques, redraw it all, photocopy it, gesso masonite, transfer our drawing to the board, cover it with layers of mat medium, paint black and white acrylic versions, and then we get to paint over it with oils. The whole thing sounds very tedious and very long but it was actually really interesting. Painting it was the hardest part since I'm not one for painting. Heres the black and white acrylic version.

Now is the possibly finished version of my illustrator piece. I'm not sure if I'll be able to work on it again.. but here's more or less what I'm probably handing in.

I'd love to hear critiques so feel free to comment.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adobe Illustrator 3

Its that time again. Update on my Illustrator Project. Unfortunetly I realized that I won't be able to add all the details that I had planned so I started to rush today. I'm going to fingure out how I want to render things (I keep thinking of how to do it in Photoshop). Anyway, slightly more shading, fixed the guys ribs, added more to the boy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adobe Illustrator Piece II

So I made a little progress on my current Adobe Illustrator piece. I think I hit a few snags. A few.. mental.. snags. "Brain farts" as my friend calls them. Im up to the tedious work of the work and I've lost steam. My enthusiasm has dwindled.. I'm sure it'll come back once I work more into it.
A few changes from my original design. For one, my Professor asked if the scene was a mural on the boys wall. It's not. But the original wallpaper color scheme suggested as much. I'm hopefully solving this by changing the panels to warm colors and later I'll be adding a lit lamp to warm the whole situation a little.
I need to research waves too to make it not look like mountain caps..
Another snag I've hit is the boy. So I just threw him in. Ill define him later. Drawing children.... not my favorite thing to do...
Heres what I have so far:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

HIgh Seas

School man. It's a killer. I was able to do ONE personal project admist all the chaos of school. But I like how it came out [its the first one post below].
My brother, a long time ago, asked me to draw him some art of clipper ships. So I tried. It started an obsession with rustic nautical things stemming from my father receiving an old sailboat and fixing it up for 2 or so years.
The second piece is work in progress for my Adobe Illustrator class. We have to illustrate a brochure with 4 panels. I chose to, instead of making 4 individual panels, make one long piece that is (hopefully) visually pleasing even if you look at each frame alone.
The steps will be posted every week! Keep checking! (Im really excited for this one)
Personal Project:

Adobe Illustrator Project: