Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm back

So, I have been working. In fact, more than ever I've really been putting an effort into doing more "complete" at home projects. At one point a professor of mine told me that my work never really looks complete so I've been striving to improve this.
Unfortunately my scanner doesn't work with my new computer so I'll have to use the ones at school once I find time in between the homework that I've been throwing my whole efforts into.
To prove that I have, in fact, been doing artsy things, heres a project that I worked on in class for about an hour or two. I scanned an old drawing and colored it [the rendered version is at home and I will be posting that at a later date]. This version, however, is only 10 colors as directed by my professor. The assignment was really just to get us warmed back into Illustrator.

Do expect lots of posts from me, I will be working my tailbone off from now on.

Heres my 10 color vector drawing, rendered version following later:

Heres a little experiment of black and white minimalistic splatter. This'll help me with my ink drawings and such with compostition. In other words, I think it's pretty:

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Kriz said...

glad to see you working on stuff :D