Monday, March 28, 2011

Remembering Katie

Heres an illustration I did for a story (that I can't remember the name of so I ironically named it "Remembering Katie". When I figure out its actual name I'll fix the piece and add the authors name)

EDIT: It is "Going Back In" by Andrew McCarthy (thank you Christian Castro)

Its a story about a girl who drowns on her camping trip with her school (where they teach outdoors skills) and a man, who was present at the time, is haunted for the rest of his life. He finally confronts it by returning to the scene of the incident after years of avoiding it.

Adding the text was not one of the requirement for this, I just decided to add it in for myself.


Christian Castro said...

Your illustrations have a lot of emotion in them. Outstanding! You've made me want to finish my illo on this story from my senior year.

Beck McCoy said...

One of my favorite pieces from you. Great job Julia.