Thursday, November 5, 2009

HIgh Seas

School man. It's a killer. I was able to do ONE personal project admist all the chaos of school. But I like how it came out [its the first one post below].
My brother, a long time ago, asked me to draw him some art of clipper ships. So I tried. It started an obsession with rustic nautical things stemming from my father receiving an old sailboat and fixing it up for 2 or so years.
The second piece is work in progress for my Adobe Illustrator class. We have to illustrate a brochure with 4 panels. I chose to, instead of making 4 individual panels, make one long piece that is (hopefully) visually pleasing even if you look at each frame alone.
The steps will be posted every week! Keep checking! (Im really excited for this one)
Personal Project:

Adobe Illustrator Project:

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miss liss said...

dearest julia,
I absolutely love the clipper one! It really looks great. I've kinda been getting into nautical nonsense stuff lately too, but your drawing looks amazing.

can't wait to see the other piece.

Your mother misses you!

<3 alyssa